Saturday, February 15, 2014

Questions 1 & 2

Lifelong Healing

For the abused, sometimes there are more questions than answers. Sometimes the answers curl up inside the questions. Sometimes by asking the questions, we can move beyond befuddlement, enchantment, enthrallment and find energy to move on.

Question 1

We've been well schooled in what to do
when the roads diverge before us.
But what shall we do when the once wide way 
abruptly ends    and the world slams down 
dreadful and silent before us?

Question 2 

How does it start -- this
journey    back 
or is it this
journey in or through or to?

No matter.
The question hits its mark    hooks the answer
in the belly of every cell    sends it howling forth:

No bag to pack
No call to make
No epiphany to enlighten
No amulet to protect
No Odyssean guide
No seductive pause on diverging roads --
No archetypal pattern -- not even a primal urge for forward thrust

But  a simple   certain   cellular  guttural utterance in unison --