Saturday, February 14, 2009

Telling the Truth from the Heart

Hello, All!

Many of you, who have read or read about my book GROWING WITHOUT THE GODDESS, have commented on how much courage it must have taken to tell my story.

My story is about my search for the one who abused me before I was old enough to have memories. My story is about discovering, revealing, and dismantling the destructive patterns the abuse caused me for decades.

The amazing truth about my courage is that the book gave it to me. I didn't have it before I wrote the book.

I'm no linguist, but I love the etymology of words, and I remembered something special about this word "courage," as I reflected upon your comments.

The word "courage" comes from the old French word "corage" and means mind, heart, and spirit, according the WEBSTER'S NEW TWENTIETH CENTURY DICTIONARY (unabridged and not so "new," published in 1976!) and according to very up-to-date

The word also means simply, "heart," as it comes through Latin to us. Another word from the Latin that means heart, is "cord." You see this root in words like "accord," "discord," and even "record!" Many of us speak of "heart cords" that connect us to others.

So, the book took discipline to write. It took desire. It took belief in the outcome.

In return for those qualities -- and HURRAY! -- the book gave me courage -- the gift of healing my mind/heart/spirit (and body). Now I am more heart-centered, not captured in the stories others imprinted on me and not tangled up in their "cords."

And I truly know that my healing released them from the heart-pain they tried to heal by reaching out so wrongly to me. My healing gave them back their courage, too, and makes a difference in each one's mind/body/spirit.

I do have my courage now, and thank you for pointing it out to me! I am on my own heart-path, which keeps opening up before me, and my mission is to help others see my personal story of wounding and healing in the context of the greater spiritual problems of our times.

My Best to You!